1. Bachelor/ Bachelorette Parties

    Before you enter a married life, say good-bye to your single life with a bang! Spend that one last occasion with your friends as a single person. A bachelor/ bachelorette party is the best way to say good-bye to the single life forever and get hitched with style. We offer a wide variety of themes for your occasion. Choose one and spend your day as a king or a fashion diva.

  2. Henna Party

    No Middle Eastern wedding is complete without the bride and her bridesmaids painting their hands with traditional henna designs. Show us? your designs and let us paint your day HENNA.

  3. Blessing Ceremonies

    Blessing is the essence of marriage. The importance of getting blessed is significant both religiously and traditionally. Whether you want a church blessing or a symbolic one under the sky, we’ll make sure that those sentimental moments live with you forever.

  4. Wedding Receptions

    The main gathering of the day that you have waited for a long time and has to be the grandest of all. The wedding reception is a perfect way to thank all those who will attend your ceremony. The One Day combines its professional expertise along with your wedding ideas to create a unique style wedding decoration that will leave you and your guests in admiration. From choosing the right venue, decoration, entertainment, cake and food to arranging the photography and videography – we take care of everything including the coordination for the day. Let us arrange a magnificent Wedding reception for you, which will leave an everlasting memory.

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