Family Events

The one day respects family traditions and knows the values of these traditions. Family events are always fun for both adults and children. Family events give the opportunities to bring the closest ones together and celebrate. The One Day organizes the best family events based on your requirements.

  1. Gender Reveal Party

    Gender Reveal Party is a unique concept introduced by The One Day in the region. The proud to-be parents reveal the gender of their baby in a fun and surprising manner. The event is both heart-warming and sentimental.

  2. Baby Shower

    The most common celebration after the Gender Reveal Party is the Baby Shower for the new mother to-be. The transformation of a woman into motherhood is celebrated with gifts and blessing. We at The One Day know how to make those moments special and entertaining.

  3. Birthdays

    Birthdays are celebrated by kids and adults with the same fervour. The One Day offers Birthday Party themes based on favourite characters from movies or animations. Our mix of decorations and animations with a mouth watering varieties of cakes and candies can light up your event.

  4. Anniversaries/ Romantic Dinners

    Anniversaries/ Romantic Dinners are the best reasons to be with your significant other. The One Day plans for the ideal settings for such occasions. Wedding Anniversary or Valentine’s Day, we have the solution for you.

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