10 Picking tricks for the right Venue

The hardest decision to make once someone decides to hold an event is to pick the right venue for it.

The following tips would be beneficial in choosing the right venue. Expert tips at your disposal courtesy of The One Day.

  1. Number of Guests
    The first important thing in planning an event is to know the number of guests you will be inviting. Once the number of attendees is confirmed, it’s much easier to plan, as the capacities of the venues are different.

  2. Choosing the Date
    Choosing the date is as important as choosing the venue. The date sets a clear goal of when the preparations should be completed and is the first step in the confirmation of the event. It even helps in determining the venue as many are booked in advance.

  3. Indoor or Outdoor
    Depending on whether you prefer an indoor setup or an outdoor one, many factors are to be taken into consideration while choosing the venue, like for example the season. Outdoor venues require more lighting, a cooling system, depending on the weather, a more powerful sound system and the adjacent environment.

  4. Lighting and Visibility
    Avoid the situation when your guests can’t fully appreciate that gorgeous wedding dress or the luxurious setup you have spent a fortune on because of poor lighting. Picking a bright venue is important as the decorations, the stage and the background are more visible. If you spend a great deal of the budget on these things, it’s natural that they should be displayed in a proper way. Videos and photographs are also of a much better quality when the lighting is right.

  5. Parking Options
    Make sure the venue has a valet parking and if not, there should be plenty of space available for the guests to park close to the venue. Looking for a parking space or a long walk to the venue is never appreciated. Otherwise, it’s better to inform the guest to either arrange for an alternate transport or come prepared for such a thing.

  6. Venue Policies
    Make sure that you speak with a sales representative or the venue manager regarding the policies. Some venues require special permissions for some activities, like fireworks, air acrobatics, hanging decor, etc. It’s better to know about the policies beforehand and prepare accordingly.

  7. Catering
    If the venue is a hotel, you usually get in-house catering services with the hall bookings. For outdoor venues like gardens, golf courses, etc., you need to get the services of a caterer.

  8. Privacy
    As your event is a personal matter, privacy is of utmost importance. It is advisable to talk to the venue management and make sure that the venue is safeguarded from outside intrusions and unwanted disturbances. For example, other guests from the hotel or surrounding area taking unwanted pictures or videos of your activities during the ceremony.

  9. Time Restrictions
    The activities can be planned much better if you know the cut off time of the venue. Outdoor venues offer less time as compared to indoor venues. So, it’s better to know the time restrictions and plan within the allotted hours. Usually the guests enjoy it more when the night falls and tend to dance till late. So give your guests an experience they will remember.

  10. Budgeting
    When booking the venue, make sure you keep in mind the costs that you will spend on other things like decoration, transport, catering, etc. As most venues offer only space and food, make sure that you ask your event planner about it or you yourself be well prepared for the expenses to keep it within the budget that you have set.

Once you’ve checked the above points, we think you are good to sign the contract with the Venue Management.

Good luck with your event!!

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