What is a Gender Reveal Party?

It’s a very new concept and has been introduced in the UAE by The One Day. We have already hosted 2 parties and with the trend catching on, we are sure there will be many more.

A gender reveal party is an event where soon-to-be parents get to know the gender of their child together with their close friends. Just like our good friends Anastasia and Andrew who wanted to share this news with their closest friends.

Anastasia couldn’t wait for the good news but it was worth the wait for her and Andrew.

Already blessed with a beautiful girl, the lovely couple discovered that they were expecting their second child. A friend of theirs told them about this lovely concept of а gender reveal party and this unique way of getting to know the gender of their baby. As the concept is very new and has not been tried here in Dubai, it sounded very appealing to the couple who contacted us to learn more about it.

Anastasia was three months into pregnancy and we informed her that two months later the gender of the baby would be revealed. The soon-to-be parents could not wait for the period to end and wanted a grand celebration. We asked them to tell the doctor not to reveal the gender of the baby but instead let us contact him and let us prepare a huge surprise.

As soon we got the envelop from their doctor, The One Day started working on the surprise. The venue was finalized and the first Gender Reveal Party in Dubai was under way!!!

The entire venue was decorated in blue and pink with fresh flowers, sweets, candies, lights and a big balloon hanging in the middle, filled with coloured confetti disclosing the gender of their baby. With the guests guessing and voting if it would be a boy or a girl, the fun and games that followed were unlike anything that they had seen. A big cake hinting at the gender was prepared. Finally, the time came for them to pop the BIG BLACK BALOON and celebrate.

With Andrew holding Anastasia’s hand they burst the balloon and the whole room was filled with pink confetti flying all around. Immediately tears of joy ran down Anastasia’s face. As Andrew hugged his wife, Anastasia screamed “Yay!! I knew it!”. The family and friends clapped and rejoiced and congratulated the couple on having their second baby GIRL!!

The One Day lives for such moments and happiness and feel proud that they can contribute to people’s joy and make their journeys memorable.

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